Split Mirrors

Special Offer: Split Mirrors: 1999 + In London + F
Summer - Special Offer: For only 29,98 € you get the Split Mirrors CD albums "1999", "In London", "From The Beginning", and additionally the solo-album of Henry Flex "Rabbit"! Save 17,98€!!! This is a time limited offer. It will en ... (Read More)
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Split Mirrors "1999"
English:   1985 the singer Andy Cay and the drummer Achim Jaspert met in a rehearsal room in Münster accidentally. Because of mutual sympathy they both decided to found a band: Split Mirrors were born. This band combines Jasper ... (Read More)
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Split Mirrors "From The Beginning"
English Version:   Finally the Split Mirrors release their third studio album on January 31th 2011. It`s called „From the beginning“, because most of the 14 songs were written in the 80s, but were not released. Of course the so ... (Read More)
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Split Mirrors "In London"
English Version:   The best ones die young – rank nonsense!  Only the best ones stay alive – and keep rediscovering themselves over and over again. 19 years after their first single “The Right Time”, Achim Jaspert and Andy C ... (Read More)
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